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I actually went to two presentations because the first one was so unhelpful I couldn’t make it through the entire presentation. The information it presented-technology tools to help students develop literarcy-was actually quite useful, but the format of the presentation was not. I did learn that I am definitely NOT an auditory learner. The presentation was a series of slides with voice over. Jennifer, the presenter, mentioned a lot of really useful tools that provide alternatives to the traditional reading/writing method employed in most classes. However there was no visual component to the presentation-other than the fairly static slides. I just could not absorb the information. I guess that must be how an auditory learner feels when faced with a page of text.

In contrast, the other presentation I attended was about tagging. The presenter, Chris, used video in his presentation so I could actually SEE him visiting the sites and WATCH him as he explained how to tag and the organizational/search benefits tagging provides. This was a presentation I did find helpful and informative. So, I guess the lesson learned is, just because something is on the computer doesn’t make it interestng, or more accessible. Just as teachers in the classroom need to be sure to use methods that appeal to visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. Teaching on the computer is no different.

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  1. I think I saw the same presentation and had a very opposite reaction to yours. I was fine with the static slides and voice over. I thought it was a great way to get the information because I could pause and take notes and then start playing again.

    Considering that you found that experience so awful, I will have to keep in mind that many students like you won’t do well with that type of presentation.

    Loved your slide show!

  2. Also keep in mind that for some of the presenters of K12Online, this may be the first time they’ve put together an online video presentation like this. In many cases, presentations for the conference are done by classroom teachers. It’s a big challenge to put together a presentation like this, especially if someone has done done anything like this before.

    I’m glad you are finding value from the conference. Hope you’ll participate this year as well. Our conference is scheduled for December 2009 this time, rather than October. More info will be published in coming months on the conference blog.

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